Kitchen Refresh Turned Our Space From Relic To "Refreshed"!

In early 2022, I was doing a broadcast from a home show when I met Joe Bach from Kitchen Refresh. The first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful cabinet doors he had on display. And what really caught my attention- a new look for our kitchen for a LOT less, and there was no need to gut and start over. We could save our beautiful quartz countertops and backsplash, while getting rid of the poorly painted cabinet doors and drawers that were falling apart.

First, let me introduce you to our old kitchen:

Yes, it photographs well, and that was the whole point when we saw the real estate pictures. "What a nice, updated kitchen!", we thought. But after we moved in we noticed the white paint over the 90's cabinets was gummy, uneven, and didn't clean well. Nothing was soft close, and several drawers were falling apart. I dreamed of getting new cabinets, but thought a kitchen remodel would be years down the road.

Enter Joe and his brother Jimmy from Kitchen Refresh, who explained they could keep our current cabinet boxes, professionally paint them, then install new doors and drawers with an updated style, soft close, and new pulls. The entire process would only take a few days, and after they left for the day, we could still use our kitchen. Sign us up!

We opted to replace all the drawers, Jimmy installed new pull out drawers for pots and pans, replaced our lazy susan, and installed a new pull out trash can that's much more functional than the old one. We also chose to do the lower cabinets in a light gray that matches the streaks in the quartz countertops, while keeping the upper cabinets white.

And now, we have a "new" kitchen! It was done in only three days, and Kitchen Refresh worked about 4 hours each day. Day one, they pulled all the old doors and drawers, and started painting. Day two, they finished painting and touched up. Day three, they installed all of our new cabinet doors and drawers. There were only a few pieces that didn't fit quite right (they are all custom measured), and Jimmy came back about a week later to put on the finishing touches.

We love our new kitchen, and you will too! It's a free consultation to see what Kitchen Refresh can do for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or bar. Click HERE to learn more, and thanks for taking a tour of our kitchen!

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