Things to know For Labor Day Grilling

If you want to lay your rightful claim as “grill master” of your neighborhood, you’ve got to know the rules of the flames. Follow them religiously, and your throne will be untouchable. Thrillist found some experts who’ve based their lives on grilling. Their commandments will serve you well on your quest for grill dominance among your peers over Labor Day weekend.

“Fear neither salt nor fat”– Salt the meat 24-hours before, then brush some beef fat over it instead of melted butter (your local butcher will have some).

“Tread lightly with sauce”– The sauce should be a side condiment, and nothing more.

“Don’t char or burn your glaze” – Saucing too early can ruin it…be patient.

Think beyond the grate”– Place the veggies you want to grill directly over the coals…the firm red-white ones are best.

“Don’t covet thy neighbor’s grill”– No one likes a backseat griller.

“Stay away from lighter fluid – unless you like the taste”– Use a chimney starter instead.

“Indirect heat is thy friend”– Put the coals on one side of the grill, and you can slow roast on the other side.

“Don’t leave meat in the cold” – Take it out and let it bask at room temperature for a few hours for a better cook.

“Don’t gamble with germs”– Wrap your food tray in plastic when using raw meat…then take off the plastic and you can use the same tray when your food is ready.

“Rotate the meat”– Perfect grill marks make it look great. A 2/3-turn should do it.

“Have patience with the coals”– Get them down to the white ash and they’re ready to rock.

“Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone”– Play around with meats and seasonings you wouldn’t normally use. You never know what your next favorite meal will be.

Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue Ribs

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