Now Cheez-Its and Wine Are Available In The Same Box!

Well here's a sad new way to spend a Saturday night . . .

The makers of Cheez-Its just partnered with a boxed wine company. And you can now buy a single box where one side's filled with wine, and the other's filled with Cheez-Its.

Just to be clear, this isn't Cheez-It flavored wine. It's just a slightly more convenient way to consume Cheez-Its and wine together.

Apparently there's a decent number of people out there who think they're a better pairing than cheese-and-wine. So that's who they're catering to.

The wine is from the budget brand Original House Wine. It's not the best . . . but we're talking about Cheez-Its here. So it kind of fits.

The wine side of the box holds four bottles, or about 20 glasses.

One box costs $25, but they're only selling them for a limited time. Starting tomorrow, you can order through the Original House Wine website. They go on sale at 5:00 P.M. Eastern, and they'll probably sell out fast. 

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