Retiring? Why Not Move Into A Holiday Inn?

A Houston man recently made a pretty decent argument on Facebook for why seniors should stop moving into nursing homes . . . and move into Holiday Inns instead.

Now, this obviously doesn't work if you need constant care. But until that happens, it might make sense. Here are the most compelling parts of his argument

He says the average nursing home costs $188 per day. And with a senior discount, the average Holiday Inn in his area is only $60 a night. (It's not clear where he got those numbers, but the nursing home figure looks about right.)

That leaves roughly $130 a day to pay for food, laundry, and entertainment. And Holiday Inns have pools, workout rooms, and lounges, free of charge.

You also get essentials like shampoo for free . . . you'll never have to pay for things like light bulbs . . . if you can't figure out the TV, they'll help . . . there are bus stops nearby . . . and you have a maid to make your bed and take out the trash every day.

If you needed anything else, you could just tip people to do it for you. Which wouldn't be a problem because of all the money you'd be saving in rent.

Now here's the kicker: Your family will WANT to come visit you, because there's a pool, and it's like a mini vacation. And if you ever get bored, you can pick up and move to another Holiday Inn anywhere in the world. DO you think it is a good idea?

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