Parents Throwing "Period Parties" Are Now A Thing

Wave goodbye to the stigma, because parents are now throwing “period parties” for their teenage daughters. And party favors include packs of tampons, sanitary towels and uterus-shaped cakes. Period parties focus on educating young girls about menstruation and teaching them the lessons they may not receive in sex education classes at school. It’s intended to be an open space, where girls can discuss starting their period, ask questions and debunk any myths they may have heard from friends (like the age-old “can you get pregnant while on your period?”) It’s not just about education, though. Many young girls often feel apprehensive about starting their period. For parents, period parties are about making the occasion something to celebrate, rather than fear.

  • Would you take your daughter to a period party if she were invited?
  • Do you wish they had period parties when you were a young woman?


What if this was part of your Saturday plans? #periodparty Ladies what do you think about this concept 🧐🤔Why is having a period often a shameful event for us? How old were you with your first period? Would you host a #periodparty for your daughter(s)? 🎂🍦🍰

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