Pass Less Gas With These Easy Tips

Want To Pass Less Gas? Here Are A Few Tips

Some suggestions on how to keep your farts - or the farts of someone you adore - to a minimum

Farting is a fact of life, and according to experts it can happen anywhere between five and 15 times a day. While living with someone who’s a farter can be difficult, there are things that can be done to cut back on all the gas they pass, so listen up, because it just may be the thing that saves your relationship.

Ways to get your partner to stop farting include:

Ban chewing gum – When you chew gum, you are constantly swallowing air, which builds up in your digestive system and makes you fart more.

Eat slowly – When you eat too fast you inhale more air as you swallow, which will result in more gas.

Ditch your skinny jeans – If you’re someone who suffers from bloating, skinny jeans will leave you uncomfortable. Baggier clothes will allow air to leave your body easily.

Know your allergies – Certain food allergies can cause you to suffer from gas, so keep away from those that may affect you.

No carbs – The fructose, lactose, insoluble fiber and starch in carbs all ferment in the intestine and cause gas, so as much as you love that bread, say no.

Ditch the cigarettes – Air you swallow when you smoke can cause you to fart.

Stay hydrated – When you’re well hydrated you’re less likely to build up air because waste products pass through your body more freely.

Exercise – People who are fit have healthier digestive systems.

Forget the beer – Beer, as well as sparkling drinks and soda, can cause air to build up in your digestive system causing you to pass more wind.

Manage constipation – Constipation can cause excess gas so if you’re having a problem, drink a lot of water and increase your fiber intake.

Take a supplement – Probiotics and enzyme supplements can help in digestion, which could make you less likely to suffer from too much gas.


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