School Bans Best Friends

“I’m offended by that”  - My gosh you know how many times I have heard that from people online. Seems in this day and age people will even get “triggered” by pictures of puppy dogs and ice cream cones on social media.

So it should come as no surprise…

A preschool in Massachusetts has sparked outrage with one parent after banning the term “best friend.” Christine Hartwell says her four-year-old daughter Julia came home from the preschool upset one day after her teacher had told her not to call another student at the school her best friend. Pentucket Workshop Preschool says they’ve banned the term to promote inclusion in the classroom. They say through research they’ve found the term “best friend” can lead to the formation of “cliques” and “outsiders.” Hartwell believes the term allows kids to feel more secure at school. She plans on pulling Julia from the school to find a new one that allows her to “express her thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.”

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