Scorpion Stings Man In Testicles While He Slept At Las Vegas Strip Resort

Buthus occitanus (common yellow scorpion, common European scorpion) - tail raised

Photo: Getty Images

A man is considering legal action after he was stung in the testicles by a scorpion while asleep at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas during the holiday season.

“I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area,” said Farchi. “It felt like a sharp glass or a knife,” said Michael Farchi of Agora Hills, California, via 8 News Now.

“I went to the restroom, and I saw a scorpion hanging on my underwear,” Farchi added.

The incident took place on December 26 and Farchi's family checked out of the hotel early the following day with the hotel comping his room. Farachi and his attorney, Brian Virag, shared several photos showing an orange scorpion on Farachi's underwear, noting that he was unaware of how the dangerous arachnid got there.

“I didn’t even ask how it got in the room,” Farchi said via 8 News Now. “It was just under my cover.”

A report filed with the Venetian Resort Las Vegas detailing the incident cited Farchi claiming he was "bitten by a scorpion on my groin/testicles" at around 8:00 a.m. The victim told resort staff that he was in "a lot of pain" and blamed the Venetian for the incident as the scorpion "was in the bed when" he was asleep.

Farchi was diagnosed with a scorpion sting at a local hospital after the incident took place.

“Everybody was in shock, nobody believed,” Farchi said via 8 News Now. “Even I couldn’t believe it.”

Virag said the scorpion sting caused his client trauma and believes the Venetian had policies and procedures in place to prohibit similar incidents from occurring.

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