Get A $5,000 Stimulus Check For Shopping With New Bill In Congress

It's no secret that many retailers have been struggling in recent months. Huge chains like Bed Bath & Beyond, Tuesday Morning and Christmas Tree Shops have declared bankruptcy and closed all their stores, while places like Walgreens, Pizza Hut, CVS, Boston Market, TGI Fridays, Popeyes and Rite Aid have had to shutter locations as a cost-cutting measure. Well it isn't only the big corporations that have been hit hard, small business are finding it very difficult to survive, so some members of Congress have proposed a way to turn things around - by paying Americans to shop.

Representatives Ro Khanna of California and Debbie Dingell of Michigan are calling their bill the Made in the USA Tax Credit Act. The Democratic politicians hope it will encourage citizens to shop from small American businesses by offering them financial incentives.

The proposal will provide up to $2,500 in tax credits to individuals and $5,000 for couples if they buy goods that meet the Federal Trade Commission's Made in the USA standards, which means the product was essentially entirely made in the U.S. The bill specifically targets products from small businesses - ones with fewer than 500 employees. Luxury items, tobacco, firearms and vehicles will all be excluded. To get the benefit, there will be eligibility requirements, namely that an individual must make less than $125,000 a year, and a couple less than $250,000 annually.

In a press release, Dingell stated, "Investing in American manufacturing drives innovation, prosperity, and progress. I'm proud to introduce the Made in the USA bill with Rep. Khanna to encourage consumers to support the family-owned small businesses here in our communities, and to look to American products first." Meanwhile, Khanna said, "This bill will make items more affordable for consumers and help support American businesses and workers. It's an important piece of what needs to be a sweeping set of policy actions designed to restore American manufacturing and technology leadership and a call to respect workers who will help our country achieve that goal."

The proposal has a long way to go before it actually comes to fruition. It was just introduced into the House Committee on Ways and Means, then it will need to navigate the House, pass the Senate and get President Joe Biden's approval before it becomes a law.

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