Oxford's 2023 Word Of The Year Revealed

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'Rizz' has been selected by Oxford as the 2023 word of the year.

The popular social media phrase, which derives from the word "charisma," refers to a person's ability to attract a romantic partner through “style, charm or attractiveness,” Oxford University Press said in its announcement on its website Monday (December 4).

"Pertaining to someone’s ability to attract another person through style, charm, or attractiveness, this term is from the middle part of the word ‘charisma’, which is an unusual word formation pattern. Other examples include ‘fridge’ (refrigerator) and ‘flu’ (influenza)," the website states.

The phrase was already popular among Gen Z-ers on social media platforms, but saw a significant spike after TikTok personality Henry De Tolla went viral for his deadpan, AI-esque video in which he exclaimed that LSU gymnast and influencer Olivia 'Livvy' Dunne "rizzed up" 11-year-old social media personality 'Baby Gronk.'

“Basically, let’s say you think someone’s considered out of your league. If you have rizz, you can use it to get them to date you," De Tolla told Vox's Constance Grady while discussing the term after Oxford's selection.

De Tolla's video was shared across social media platforms and discussed on ESPN's flagship show 'SportsCenter' and Barstool Sports' 'The Yak,' which shared parody featuring comedian Lil Sasquatch.

Oxford shared data showing that the term "rizz" saw a significant spike in 2023, specifically in June 2023 after De Tolla's viral TikTok post. Other finalists for Oxford's 2023 Word of the Year included "prompt," "situationship," and "Swiftie."

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