VOTE: How Much Have You Watched The USFL This Season?

Today on The Morning Rush on 106.3 KXNO, we talked about the USFL, which started up again this season with a unique approach- they're playing every single game, no matter what city the teams are affiliated with, in Birmingham, Alabama. The move cut the travel costs across the league and centralized the efforts to get games on national TV every week. We understand the move, but after week 1 fans in Birmingham lost interest, and the games are played in front of a few thousand fans (at most). TV networks have started pumping in crowd noise, and the product is just....not very good. In fact, the only Getty image we can find from the league is from 1985 when (now retired Buffalo Bills legend) Jim Kelly was playing with the Houston Gamblers (!!!).

So, we asked the question:

USFL Houston Gamblers

Photo: Getty Images

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