VOTE: If A Parent Is Ejected From A Game, Should Their Kid Be Ejected Too?

The topic of fan/parent behavior came up again today on The Morning Rush on 106.3 KXNO. My cohost Travis asked if a parent can't learn from their behavior by being ejected from a game, would forcing their kid to face the punishment too help them learn that foul language and berating officials and coaches shouldn't be tolerated? This is a tough conversation, because ejecting a child from a game because of their parent's behavior is literally the definition of paying the price for someone else's actions. But would having this penalty in place deter parents from swearing at umpires and referees, and berating coaches about decisions and playing time? That behavior is detrimental to their child too. Coaches called, and tweeted stories about how embarrassed they've seen their young players after their parent made a scene at a game.

So we asked the question:

2021 Little League World Series Final - Team Michigan v Team Ohio

Photo: Getty Images

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