ICONS AT 11: How A Levi's Commercial Gave A Boost To The Clash

The 1982 song from The Clash, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" is still heard everywhere on the radio today, but believe it or not it wasn't a huge hit when it first came out! It hit the Billboard Top 100, but didn't come close to the top of the charts...until 10 years later, when Levi's asked to use the song in an ad campaign. The Clash had always focused on their music and resisted the "commercialization" of their music, but they let Levi's use the song to promote new music.

After the ad hit the airwaves The Clash hit #1 on the Top 100 chart in the UK, and a little over a decade later Rolling Stone named it one of the 500 greatest songs of all time! Now THAT"S a promotion.