A Rick Springfield-Sammy Hagar Tour? I'm Here For It

I didn't know Rick Springfield and Sammy Hagar are A) good friends; B) are promoting rum together; and C) maybe going to tour together. Until this line under the headline "Rick Springfield And Sammy Hagar Planning Beach Bar Tour":

Hagar suggested that a handful of residency events were in the planning stage and outlined his idea for taking the show further: “Rick and I are on the same bill, or even if he just comes and sings some songs with my band or I sing songs with his band, whatever it is, we just throw this big party at the beach bar. Wherever we are, we may be in the middle of Iowa, but we're gonna bring the beach. We'll put an environment backstage for you and, of course, sell the booze and the drinks in the venue.”

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Doesn't a beach sound great?? Doesn't live music sound amazing?? Doesn't this sound like it absolutely MUST HAPPEN?? Sign me up for it when it does!


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