Happy 59th Birthday To Jon Bon Jovi! (Reminder He Feeds The Homeless Too)

Jon Bon Jovi turns 59 today...but he's no aging rock star. The New Jersey rocker and his wife Dorothea Hurley co-founded the JBJ Soul Kitchen, where you won't find a price on the menu. Instead, it's a pay-it-forward model that helps customers who can afford to pay more cover the costs of others who are struggling to make ends meet. He's opened three of them in his native New Jersey alone, and his Soul Foundation is providing affordable housing nationwide.

Bon Jovi said the ideas came to him after looking out his hotel windown in Philadelphia and he saw a man sleeping on a grate. What he's done since then has made many more birthdays happier since then!

You can read more about Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchens and his Soul Foundation here.

Happy birthday Jon Bon Jovi!

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