What We Are Eating For Take-Out While In Self-Isolation

If there’s one thing a lot of people are doing in self-isolation, besides drinking, it’s eating, and while more and more people are cooking from home, there are plenty still of folks ordering food in.

So, what is everyone ordering? Well, Uber Eats, which says orders have increased 30% since mid-March when self-isolation began, has come out with a list of the most popular take out dishes during lockdown for 35 states.

Fries seems to be particularly popular, with some sort of fry popular in nine states, including Colorado, where carne asada fries is the hottest item, as well as Florida and Illinois, which prefer regular fries, and Indiana, which goes for Waffle fries. Ohio also loves fries, but their most popular item is something called Notso Fries.

The noodle dish Pad Thai is also pretty popular, the top item in five states, including Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas.

Other popular takeout dishes per state include:

California – chicken tikka masala

Connecticut – burrito bowl

Iowa – large poke bowl

Louisiana – chips with queso

Maryland – egg, bacon & cheese

Missouri & Wisconsin– crab Rangoon

New York – jerk chicken

Oklahoma – spicy tuna roll

Rhode Island – hot dog

Pennsylvania – cheese steak

Click here for the entire list

ONE MORE THING!When it comes to drinks, soda, Thai iced tea, Horchata, iced coffee and lemonade are the most ordered items, while tiramisu, baklava, cheesecake, banana pudding and churros are the most popular desserts.

Food delivery

Food delivery

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