Rob Halford Of Judas Priest Still Wants To Drink And Do Drugs

Rob Halford described having a “devil on your shoulder” as a recovering drug addict, saying he still wanted to drink and use cocaine 33 years after he became sober.

The Judas Priest singer entered rehab in 1986 after his life began spiraling out of control as a result of his addiction issues. He's previously said he’d be dead if he hadn’t given up the substances he was abusing.

“I wish I could have a drink, I wish I could have a smoke and do a line,” Halford told KNAC in a new interview. “I wish I could do all that, but I can't. I've done all that. I've done all that and it nearly killed me. I wish I could do that because when I'm with my friends and they're having a good time, and there's this little devil on your shoulder, 'Just have a quick shot. Do a shot of Jack.’”




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