An Update on The Legendary Sour Toe Cocktail

Last February, Nick Griffiths lost his big toe to frostbite during the Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon, but he gave it a second life … as part of a crazy cocktail. The British man donated his detached toe to a bar in Canada that has a decades-long tradition of serving a whiskey shot garnished with a mummified human toe.

The legendary drink is called the Sourtoe Cocktail and Griffiths is heading back to Yukon’s Downtown be the first to sip the beverage with his toe inside. The bar has been serving this one-of-a-kind $5 drink since 1973 and drinkers must touch their lips to the toe to get a certificate of completion.

And believe it or not, over 90,000 people have! But it seems the toes often get stolen and while Griffiths was there, he saw a “Toe Wanted” poster, so he gave his up for the cause. The hotel is delighted with his “toe-nation” and wanted him to be the first to do a shot with it. He says, “Doing the Sourtoe Cocktail with my own big toe will be a memory I take to the grave.” Cheers!

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