Food News: Chocolate Covered Oreos With Pickles Are A Thing

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, ham and cheese — some things just belong together. But pickles and Oreo cookies? That’s a combination we never would have thought of. 

Bill Kelly, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, a chain of sweet stores with nine locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, is probably the first person to ever mix the two beloved foods, putting a dill pickle slice inside a classic Oreo cookie. Now, he offers the unique, sweet-and-sour sandwiches at his shops.

As crazy as the flavor combination sounds, Kelly promises that pickle Oreos are an absolute treat. In fact, he told theDayton Daily News, they’re “kind of a big dill.”

Kelly also explained the pickle Oreo production process in an email to the outlet. “We took an Oreo cookie, took it apart, put a very thin slice of pickle in the middle, put the Oreo back to together, then covered it in chocolate. Cause everything is better covered in chocolate!!!!!!,” he wrote.

Though it may come as a surprise, Kelly assures that the one-of-a-kind treat has more of a “hint” of pickle than an overwhelming flavor.  

You’ll find all of the goodies mentioned above on the Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop website, where you can get them delivered straight to your door. The pickle Oreos can be purchased in a pack of three for $9. 


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