Ozzy Osbourne Has A "Rare Genetic Mutation"

Ozzy Osbourne's ability to have withstood years of drug and alcohol abuse could be the result of a genetic mutation. That's the conclusion reached in a new book about how genetics shape individuals in ways that have heretofore been unanswered.

“Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant,” Bill Sullivan writes in Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are. As reported in the New York Post, the book, which borrows its name from a 1987 album by the Replacements, details that Knome, Inc. looked at Osbourne's DNA in 2010 and determined that not only is he genetically predisposed towards addiction, which Sullivan adds “has more to do with our DNA than our moral fiber,” but a unique mutation allows him to drink in larger-than-normal quantities.




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