Trailer Trash: Spider-Man, Charlies Angels and Yesterday

"Spider-Man: Far From Home"is looking at a $350 million opening over July 4th weekend.

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Here's the first trailer for"Charlie's Angels"

Directed by Elizabeth Banks (Bosley), it's a reboot of the 2000 action comedy based on the 1970s television series. A new generation of private detectives working for the mysterious off-camera "Charlie". The film also stars Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart.

Himesh Patel is a struggling British musician who wakes up from a worldwide power outage to discover he's the only person on the planet who still remembers The Beatles. So he recreates their music . . . and lets everyone think he wrote all their songs himself.

Lily James is his childhood crush,Kate McKinnon is his opportunistic new manager, and Ed Sheeran is in it as himself. Ed even invites Patel's character Jack to go on tour with him, and is both supportive and secretly jealous of his talent.

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