Sammy Hagar Explains Why It Took Six Months To Come Up With "Right Now"

Sammy Hagar explains, “I was writing those lyrics at the starting of the recording process. Every day I’d walk in the studio and Eddie (Van Halen) would be playing this piano part, and he'd be saying, ‘Hey, this is a cool part,’ and I’m going, ‘Ah, I ain’t hearin’ it.’ So we’d move on and start writing all the other songs. I’d be singing to him, ‘I got this idea, “Right now!” … a melody like that,’ and he’s going, ‘Yeah, I’ll think, I’ll think of something.’

“I swear to you, it was four months, five months, six months later that he’s in there, during a break, playing that piano. … I’m in the other room, singing it in my head – and I go, ‘Holy crap! It works!’ I ran in and sang it to him while he was playing the piano, and it worked. I think it’s one of our most adventurous pieces in the Van Hagar era.”




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