Paw Purr Azzi: Keeping Your Pets Calm During Storms

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Was your dog freaking out at the storms last night? The Animal Rescue League of Iowa's "Animal House" has several products on sale that will help your pets during stressful times!

THUNDERSHIRTS: These shirts (pictured) work just like a baby swaddle or a weighted blanket for humans. The jacket wraps snugly around your dog to put pressure around their midsection – like a hug to help reduce anxiety. They work wonders for most dogs. The shirts are $40 and available in XXS-XL.

FELIWAY DIFFUSER: Feliway mimics the natural pheromone that cats use to indicate a spot is secure and comforting. Diffusing the scent in your home gives cats a feeling of security and ease, calming them during times of stress. Starter kit: $34.99.

ADAPTIL DIFFUSER: Adaptil works the same way as Feliway, but for dogs. It mimics the natural pheromones a puppy’s mother gives off to calm and reassure her pups. Starter kit: $34.99.

As always, there’s no sales tax, adopters get 10% off for the life of the pet and proceeds directly help the pets in the ARL's care.


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