Paw Purr Azzi: KEEP YOUR PETS INSIDE! Mountain Lion Spotted In Des Moines

From the Des Moines Police Department:


Attached is a video of the mountain lion spotted in a Des Moines neighborhood overnight. DMPD is urging residents, particularly those with small children and pets, in the area to exercise caution.

DMPD is working with the Animal Rescue League, the Iowa DNR, and the Blank Park Zoo to safely resolve this situation. According to the Iowa DNR, mountain lion attacks on people are extremely rare. If you do encounter a mountain lion, here aresome tips to keep you safe:

- DO NOT RUN! Running may stimulate the mountain lion to chase you.

- Do not crouch or bend over. An upright person does not resemble a mountain lions typical prey.

- Keep small children and pets close. Pick them up if possible.


The best way to avoid an encounter is to avoid the animal. Do not approach a mountain lion.

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