Florida Man Arrested For "I Eat A**" Sign

Sometimes in life, you have to take a stand for what you believe in, even if you could wind up in jail for it. And this guy did that . . . although, to be clear, he's not exactly Nelson Mandela.

A 23-year-old guy named Dillon Webb from Lake City, Florida was pulled over on Sunday night when a cop saw a sticker in his back window of his pickup truck.

The sticker said, quote, "I Eat [A**]." (It was uncensored.)

The cop told Dillon the sticker was a violation of a law that prohibits obscene material on vehicles. Dillon told the cop it was his First Amendment right to have the sticker in his window.

The cop gave Dillon the option to censor the sticker by removing a letter, but he refused. So he was arrested for possession of obscene material and resisting arrest without violence.

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