A Florida Man Does It Again

This is the second time the state of Florida has produced this story in less than five months . . .

Meet 34-year-old Casey Lewis. He was bonded out of jail in Fort Pierce, Florida last Thursday after he was busted for shoplifting at Walmart.

Then he got arrested again 15 minutes later for breaking into a car in the jail's parking lot.

He walked around pulling on door handles, looking for cars that were unlocked, until he finally found one. He stole $547 in cash from a woman's car, along with her iPhone, debit card, license, and four packs of cigarettes.

Cops happened to see him tugging on door handles, and confronted him. Then they brought him back inside and booked him for burglary, grand theft, and possession of stolen property.

If the story sounds familiar, it's because another guy in Florida did the same thing at a jail near Tampa back in November.

And last month, he made the"Miami Herald's"list of the top ten"Florida Man" stories of all time.

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