Now Trending:Unimoons--Solo Honeymoons

Your honeymoon is supposed to help you relax and bond after all the chaos of planning your wedding is over. Or at least that used to be true. According to anarticle in "The New York Times", the hot new trend is separate honeymoons.

It's called a "unimoon" or "solomoon." And it's where both people go on their own trip after the wedding. Either with friends, or by themselves. Not being able to agree on a destination is one reason couples do it. But others just do it out of convenience.

For example, one couple they talked to had to go on separate trips for work right after their wedding. So the groom went to Paris and turned the trip into his own personal honeymoon. 

Portrait Of Man Pointing At Notre Dame

And his new bride went to the Dominican Republic.

Woman at Osa Peninsular Beach

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