Delta Flight Attendant's Preflight Announcement is Hardcore!

Delta Airlines flight attendant Moses Ray dedicated yesterday’s routine flight to Chicago to “the real mother fuckers in coach” during an impassioned pre-flight announcement shortly before take off, passengers in full upright and locked positions confirmed.

“He seemed really worked up,” said passenger Teresa Larson. “Once the door closed, he used that little intercom thing to ‘shout out’ all of us in the back 25 rows as ‘the misfits and the fuck-ups,’ and the only ones who truly understood ‘the struggle.’ Then it was another three minutes all about unity, brotherhood, and how our seats cannot be used as a flotation device.”

The standard pre-flight safety announcements set up the next several minutes of Ray introducing the other members of the crew.' viathe hard times

PHOTO BY kyleerf

I am still looking for video of this!



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