A Family Affair: Stepson Spikes Dad's Drink With Cow Tranquilizers

A lot of kids have trouble bonding with their stepparents. But it usually goes a little better than this . . .

A teenager in eastern Wisconsin is facing charges after he repeatedly spiked his stepfather's energy drinks with COW TRANQUILIZERS.

The kid's name is Tyler Rabenhorst-Malone. He's either 16 or 17, depending which news source you believe. And his stepdad is a dairy farmer. So that's why they had tranquilizers sitting around. 

Early last year, Tyler started squirting the liquid tranquilizer in his stepdad's energy drinks. The first time he did it, his stepdad started stumbling around, slurring his speech, and had trouble breathing.

It was so scary, he went to the hospital. But doctors told him it was probably from stress . . . a lack of sleep . . . and from having too many energy drinks.

His symptoms came back a few months later though. Then he found two used syringes in the corner of a barn, and realized Tyler had been poisoning him.

Tyler says he thought it was "funny," and was never trying to hurt his stepdad. But he's on the hook for two felonies, and he'll be in court later this month.

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