Study Says: Men Are More Discriminated Against

It’s no secret that gender inequality is a real thing, but a new study suggests that men are being discriminated against more than women.

The global study, conducted by the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia, claims that women have it better off in 91 countries out of 134, including the US, UK and Australia. In fact, they suggest there are only 34 countries where women are treated less fairly, including Italy, Israel and China.

So, why do they think men are treated less fairly? Well, the study notes that in those 91 countries men receive harsher punishments than women for the same crime, men are expected to take part in compulsory military service, and they have more occupational deaths than women.

Based on the study’s Basic Index of Gender Inequality, which takes into account educational opportunities, healthy life expectancy, and overall life satisfaction, Italy is the country with the most equality, with a score of 0.00021, meaning men are only slightly favored. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, of all places, is the top ranked  nation to favor women over men, with a score of negative 0.001554. As for where the US falls, it ranks at 61, with a BIGI score of negative 0.032937, which means it favors women over men.

Do you agree.....

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