The "Busch Guy" Is Officially EVERYWHERE In San Antonio

You've got to hand it to Anheuser Busch...they took Cyclone fans' obsession with Busch Light and ran with it, even deploying "Busch Guy"to San Antonio to make sure area bars stay stocked.  It might be the best free marketing campaign I've ever seen! 

Here's Busch Guy with WHO-TV's Keith Murphy, also my coworker on 1460 KXNO:

Busch Guy with another KXNO coworker, Chris Williams from Cyclone Fanatic:

With my coworker Maxwell's son, Jonathon Schaeffer, sports director at WOI-TV:

And, just in case you think Busch Guy is only seeking out media types for the free publicity, here he is with my friends Donna and Kim.  Great job, Busch beer!!

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