Need To Cut Your Ex Out Of Pix? There's An App For That

Now you don’t need to delete those vacation photos

As if dealing with a breakup isn’t bad enough, while you’re still coming to terms with the new reality, you have to clean your ex from your social media accounts. And scrubbing your shared vacation photos off Insta is pretty much the last thing you want to be doing when you’re freshly broken hearted. But now there’s a new app that can help delete your former flame from any photo, for a small fee, of course.

Krome is the app that promises to seamlessly remove your ex from shared pics within hours. You just upload your photos, choose an editing level that costs between $3 and $12, and within 24 hours, you’ve got that romantic sunset pic of you at the beach back and there’s not a trace of your ex left.

Krome works their magic with AI technology as well as a team of real, professional photo editors who can edit fast for a quick turnaround time. And the app works their photo wizardry on all kinds of images, not just doing ex damage control. The cost of the Krome’s editing ranges, but the fee for removing a person is $9 the first time and $12 each time after. And that’s really a small price to pay so you can keep using all those great vacation photos, once they get rid of your ex.

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