Prince Superbowl Party Has Some Fans Upset

NEW YORK (AP) — At least one Prince superfan hopes the late superstar's Paisley Park jacked up the price to rent out his former home and studio outside Minneapolis for a Justin Timberlake party ahead of the Super Bowl.

"That's probably what Prince would have done with Justin being there," laughed Jeremiah Freed, known as Dr. Funkenberry in the fandom.

The idea of Timberlake being allowed at the Chanhassen mecca has upset some fans still mourning the Purple One, as has the idea of Prince's 65,000-square-foot spread being granted a temporary liquor license for the duration of Super Bowl mania.

But Freed, who hosts a Prince podcast out of Los Angeles, isn't terribly bothered. Paisley was turned into a museum after Prince died of an accidental drug overdose in April 2016 and his urn is displayed in the front room atrium, far from the Timberlake listening session's presumed location.

"I think the fans are just worried that they're going to be walking around Paisley and they're going to get wine on the carpet or wine on one of the displays. I imagine it would be just how it was in the past, in the soundstage area only for drinks," Freed told The Associated Press in a recent interview.' - via SFGATE

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