Stripper Punches Guy In The Mouth

Back in March of 2015, a chef named David Kupferstein went to the Hustler strip club in New York City with some friends.

And as he was talking with a stripper, she told him about how her kids were getting in trouble with the cops. He said, quote, "It sounds like you're a bad mother."

So, she PUNCHED HIM in the face and knocked out one of his front teeth.

Now, he just filed a lawsuit against the club for $1 million. He says the manager promised to pay for his dental bills, but backed out of that deal, and now David is dealing with years of expensive dental work.

David DOES seem to realize that he provoked the stripper into punching him, though. Quote, "I guess it is sort of insulting to tell a woman she's a bad mother."

Ya think???

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