Superbowl Commercials: What You Should Know

1. The average cost for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl is more than $5 million per spot, which is basically on par with what Fox was charging last year. And that's just for the timeslot it doesn't cover the actual production costs.

And it's also FIVE TIMES more than Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles made this season. His base salary was just $1 million. That said, he was only hired to be the back-up before he was thrust into the starting role after Carson Wentz got injured last month.

2. A regional Natural Light Super Bowl commercial says they're giving away $1 million for college debt relief. There will be 25 winners, who get $40,000 each.  It's unclear whether the winners will be forced to drink Natty Light.

3. The Pringles ad is all about "stacking flavors" to make new ones.

4. The Febreze ad is about a boy who's, quote, "bleep don't stink."

5. James Cromwell stars in a controversial ad for PETA about a guy who confesses his sins. And his sins are convincing people that eating meat is NOT animal abuse.

At the end, the ad asks NFL fans to "go VEGAN." Good luck with that.

6. Marvel's ad for "Black Panther" is a collaboration with Lexus.

7.  Pepsi and Justin Timberlake have put out a behind-the-scenes teaser for Justin's halftime show. Naturally, there's no sign of Janet.

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