Guy With Alzheimers Forgot He Was Married--So He Proposed

This is is kind of sad, but also really sweet. There's a 68-year-old guy in New Zealand named Michael Joyce who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's back in 2010.

He's been with his wife Linda for 34 years, and she's stuck by him through all of it. But earlier this month, he FORGOT they were married and PROPOSED to her again.

She was sitting in a lounge chair at their house when he walked in the room looking nervous and asked, "Will you marry me?" And instead of telling him they were already married, she said of COURSE she would.

She says she didn't want to ruin the moment for him, and figured he'd probably forget about it the next day anyway. But when they woke up the next morning, he HADN'T forgotten, and he wanted to set a date.

Her friends helped her plan a lakeside ceremony for this past Saturday, and a local wedding photographer did the photos for free.

She says she kept expecting Michael to forget about it all week, but he never did. And the fact that he remembered for six straight days was, quote, "absolutely unbelievable." 

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