Nissan's New Car Reads Your Mind

Nissan will unveil “brain-to-vehicle” technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

While the world’s biggest car companies are spending billions to perfect autonomous driving, Nissan is taking a different direction and trying to “decode” your thinking so hands-on driving is more “fun.” And they are set to unveil this technology next week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Nissan’s “brain-to-vehicle,” or “B2V,” system requires the driver to wear a skullcap that measures brain-wave activity and transmits those readings to steering, acceleration, and braking and allows the car to preemptively initiate the action for the driver.

The driver will still be responsible for turning the wheel and hitting the gas pedal, the car will just anticipate the action and begin making it. “We imagine a future where manual driving is still a value of society,” says Lucian Gheorghe, a senior innovation researcher at Nissan overseeing the project. “Driving pleasure is something as humans we should not lose.”

This new technology, exclusive to Nissan, will be included in fully autonomous cars and should be ready in the next five to ten years according to the company.

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