Guy Tells Girl She Can Buy Anything With His Credit Card

A girl named Leagan was asked on a date, and she said 'no'. Then, the guy who was turned down sent her a pic of his credit card and said, "Just in case you ever need anything.  Anything at all." 

She was like for real? And he followed up with, "Anything your heart desires." 

Big mistake. Huge. 

Leagan, who is clearly an outside-the-box thinker, ordered herself a bouncy house. Like, a full sized, kids party kind of bouncy house.

Dude was NOT happy. He said, "Did you just buy a f-cking bouncy house?" Yes, sir, she sure did. 

Maybe don't try to bribe women for dates next time. *wink*PS... I looked up the bouncy house she bought, and it was about $1000, depending on which size she went for. I'm betting she got the big one, because that is so Leagan.

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