This Story Starts Cute, But Then It Takes A Turn

A four-year-old girl in Manchester, England named Ava recently released one of her birthday balloons, just to see how far it would travel. It was one of those metallic ones that last forever.

She had her mom write a message on the side that said she just turned four. And they wanted the person who found it to post something on Facebook.

The balloon traveled about 100 miles. And the guy who found it DID post on Facebook but it was to SHAME the girl for almost killing a DEER.

Before he found it, a deer tried to eat it and almost choked to death. So his Facebook post started out wishing her a happy birthday. But then he switched gears and said she almost killed BAMBI.

Quote, "At 6:30 this morning while you were tucked up in bed, I was saving Bambi's life. She was choking on your birthday balloon." Then he asked her to think about wildlife before she pulls anymore stunts.

 Some people thought it was too harsh. But he says he just wants more people to realize that releasing a balloon like that is basically just littering.

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