The Internet Is Not Reacting Well To Denny's New "Mascot"

This summer Denny’s introduced a new mascot. He’s a smiling breakfast sausage link, complete with arms, legs, a face, and a fedora hat. But he’s getting a crappy reception on social media because people think he looks like, well … a turd.

Twitter users have been having fun calling out the chain and the little fella for the likeness. While one user called the mascot “a turd in a fedora,” another said he reminded them of the “South Park” character Mr. Hankey. And a lot of people agreed, because the resemblance isstriking.

No matter what you think of the new mascot, this is definitely not the response Denny’s was hoping for. But as another user tweeted, “Who thought the new mascot was a good idea? My brother at age 12?

Source: Fox News

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