This Is Amazing Sportsmanship

This kind of sportsmanship is amazing, especially when your adrenaline's up.

A 23-year-old guy named Jesse Orach was about to win a 10K race in Portland, Maine on Saturday. He also won the same race last year. But he started suffering from HEAT STROKE this time. And right before the finish line, he collapsed.

So the guy in second place easily could have passed him and won. But instead, he picked Jesse up ran the last few feet with him and PUSHED him across the line so he finished first.

The second place guy's name is Robert Gomez, and he's 34. He's never won the race before. He took third in 2010, and finished second this time.

He said afterward that Jesse ran the better race and deserved to win. And when he saw him on the ground, he just knew he had to help.

Jesse collapsed again after he finished, and didn't even know he won until later. He spent about an hour in a medical tent, and they said his temperature got up to 107 DEGREES. Luckily he'll be okay though.

 One of the race officials said they could technically disqualify both of them, because you're not allowed to help another runner. But they decided NOT to do that. 

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