Ford Unveils The Mustang Mach E SUV

Ford accidentally leaked some details and it looks like they’re developing an electric Mustang SUV. If everything goes according to plan, it will be available late next year or in early 2021. (Electrek)

According to an anonymous Ford executive speaking to CNBC, the tweet was directed at Tesla when the company was about to unveil its own electric crossover.

At the same time, CNBC talked to Ford president of global operations Joe Hinrichs who said that the electric vehicle will be in showrooms around the same time as Tesla’s Model Y:

The company is moving quickly toward producing what it previously described as a ‘Mustang-inspired’ all-electric SUV that will be in showrooms next year, about the same time Tesla begins to deliver the first Model Y battery SUV.

Now thespecs of the Mustang Mach-Ehave leaked on Ford’s website ahead of the unveiling this weekend.

  • Even though a bunch of exotic sports car brands – such as Porche – have SUV models, it still seems weird.
  • Cool cars like the Mustang shouldn’t be used to take the kids to soccer practice, should they?

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