Family Builds Small Matterhorn-Inspired Rollercoaster in Their Backyard

A California family who missed going to Disneyland amid the COVID-19 pandemic passed the time during lockdown by building a smaller version of the Matterhorn roller coaster in their back yard.

Brothers Sean and Michael LaRochelle said they came up with the idea for the Matterhorn Alpine Escape in March and pitched their parents, Jacques and Diana LaRochelle, the idea of building the Disney-inspired coaster in the back yard of the family's Carneros backyard.

Sean and Michael enlisted the help of their parents, as well as siblings Mark and Nicole, to build the roller coaster. They started work in March and finished the project in July.

The end result was a roller coaster about 20 feet tall with a track measuring about 400 feet long. The family said the ride takes about 50 seconds.

Sean LaRochelle said he was inspired by a family who built a walk-through version of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride in their home.