The Amazing Reasons Moms Hold Their Babies On The Left Side

I never really thought about it until right now, but did you ever notice that most women carry their children on the left side?  I guess I would have assumed they'd carry on the right just because most people are right handed.  But, according to science, carrying them on the left makes sense.

The Journal of Nature Ecology and Evolution found that women tend to pick up their babies on the left side because it's the most effective way to protect them.

The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body.  Your right brain is also responsible for dealing with your "emotional intelligence."  If your baby is on the left side, that means your right brain is in tune with the baby's emotional cues.  Basically, if the baby is crying or fussing, your brain is going to figure it out more quickly, because the right side of the brain is tuned in.

Also, there's an adorable reason for this.  Researchers found that kids prefer to be on their mom's left side because they are closer to the heart.  Being closer to their mother's heart helps to calm the baby and regulate their heartbeat too.  So, if you have a fussy baby, hold them close to your heart.

Crazy, right?  You can find out more RIGHT HERE or in the post below.

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