Get Dad Bourbon Flavored Gummi Bears

Would the dad in your life like non-alcoholic bourbon flavored gummy bears?

Still deciding what to get dear old dad this year for Father’s Day? Before you buy him another tie, consider something sweeter. If your pop is a fan of bourbon, don’t grab a bottle of booze – give him some Bourbon Bears instead.

Yep, you can get gummy bears with the oaky, caramel notes this liquor is known for. They’re made by Sugarfina, the company that brought us other sweet treats for grown-ups, like their champagne candies, or their stout or pale ale beer gummies. And some of their confections are boozy and some aren’t, so read carefully before sharing with little ones.

The Bourbon Bears are made with single barrel bourbon and “feature a sweet kick of Kentucky’s finest,” but they’re actually non-alcoholic. So these could make a great gift for all the dads on your list this Father’s Day.



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