Rock 'n Roll Survivor: Ever Heard Of Jason Everman?

Meet Jason Everman.  He played guitar in Nirvana and Soundgarden--and was kicked out of both.

After gigging around he decided to join the United States Army and served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. After completing his tour of duty with the Rangers in Afganistan and Iraq, he took a break from the service and lived in New York City working as a bike messenger. He then traveled to Tibet and worked and studied in a Buddhist monastery before returning to the U.S. He reentered the Army when offered the chance to join Special Forces.  After being honorably discharged he went to college.  And he's not done yet. 

A full life, and as he admits, one that would have been shorter if he stayed in a rock band!  Here's his army bio.

He tells his story in the video below:



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