IRS Scammer FAIL!

So much satisfaction in watching this video! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten calls or voicemails from these crooks threatening a warrant for my arrest via the IRS if I didn’t give over my information.

The Eau Claire Police Department shared a video of Officer Kyle Roder taking a call from a con man who in broken English tried to get Roder to provide his name and address to look up his case file.

Roder went along with the scam and played dumb for our enjoyment.Of course, the story of the caller began to unravel as he claims to be an IRS officer named James Maxwell Johnson who needs Roder’s information to prevent the local sheriff’s department from coming to arrest the “victim.”

At the end of the video, Detective Don Henning assured us that no police department would ever issue a warrant for a case like this.



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