FYI: How Many Calories Do Popular Workouts Burn?

 How Many Calories Do Popular Workouts Burn

What you can expect from Crossfit, SoulCycle, Zumba, and more.

There are many ways to get your workout on, so it’s easy to find fitness that’s fun for you. But if you’re trying to maximize your calorie burning in your sweat sesh, some are much better than others. Here’s what you can expect from some of the most popular workouts.

Barry's Bootcamp - Celebs love this intense, military-style workout and it burns tons of calories - like up to 1,000 a class!

Boxing - You’ll get more than just toned arms from this fitness trend, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories boxing for an hour.

Orangetheory - This high-intensity interval training workout has gained cult status quickly because you can from 500 to 1,000 calories doing the hour-long sweat sesh. Plus, the interval training boosts your metabolism, so you’ll keep burning more calories post-workout.

CrossFit - With all the sprinting, lifting, and rope-throwing that you do in this workout, it’s not surprising that a 2013 study found female CrossFitters burn an average of 12 calories a minute - that makes about 700 in an hour!

SoulCycle - In a 45-minute SoulCycle class full of tap-backs, positive affirmations and Spin-dancing, you can expect to burn from 500 to 700 calories.

Body by Simone - This dance cardio workout from fitness guru Simone De La Rue has A-list fans like Naomi Watts and it burns an impressive 600 calories.

Zumba - If you go full-out in this Latin dance class, you can burn between 400 and 600 calories.

Hot yoga - Even though it’s 104-degrees in there and you’re sweating through your downward dogs, you’re still only burning around 350-calories for a 90-minute class.

Vinyasa yoga - Different styles of yoga burn different amounts of calories, but a Vinyasa flow workout can burn from 250 to 400 calories.

Pilates - You’ll be getting more flexible and strong from these workouts, but an hour-long classic mat Pilates class only burns about 190 calories.

Running - A good rule of thumb is that you’ll burn about 100 calories running a mile, so just keep going to burn more.

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