Ooops Moments From The Grammys Last Night

When your award show clocks in at OVER THREE AND A HALF HOURS, you can expect a few glitches. And there were two BIG ones at the "Grammys" last night. The first one happened during ADELE's tribute to GEORGE MICHAEL. She was singing his '90s hit "Fastlove", but it wasn't going too well, so she STOPPED.  She said, quote, "I [effed] up, I can't do it again like last year, I can't mess this up for him."

Then there was the much-hyped METALLICA / LADY GAGA duet, which SHOULD HAVE rocked.  And it did, except for one thing: JAMES HETFIELD's microphone didn't work for the first few minutes.He and Gaga were supposed to be trading verses, but his audio was non-existent.  So it came off really bad until they fixed it. But the band rocked, and Gaga rocked and she showed her belly again, so suck it, haters. After it was over, James was so pissed, he threw his guitar offstage. For a lot of Metallica fans, it brought back the OUTRAGE of the '89 Grammys, when Metallica lost the inaugural Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Grammy to JETHRO TULL.

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