Woodland Cemetery to Celebrate 175th Anniversary and They Need a Slogan

Listen to Max & Amy's conversation with Woodland Cemetery Volunteer, Mike Rowley. This year is the 175th Anniversary of Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines and a dedicated volunteer group is in the process of planning a one-of-a-kind celebration there in September. Over the last 20 years, generous donors and the Des Moines City Council have greatly improved this park like setting. Huge improvements are planned throughout the year.

They would like to encourage individuals and organizations with links to Woodland to plan and participate with them, and they are inviting Max & Amy listeners to brainstorm and come up with a fun t-shirt and poster slogan! You can submit your questions and t-shirt ideas to Mike at mjr1825@gmail.com.

Submitted suggestions include:

Woodland Cemetery - We Dig It!

Woodland Cemetery - Serving The Finest Spirits Since 1848

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